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Eastern and Western Europe offer fascinating history, engaging culture, and diverse landscapes. Sample some of Ireland's most famous hiking trails or visit castles and islands, hike sections of the South West path in Cornwall or hike three National Parks in Wales. Visit Lisbon and the surrounding countryside in Portugal or head north to the Douro Valley for a hiking and kayaking trip. Walk the last 100 kilometers of the Camino de Santiago or, if you've done that or want to skip the crowds, continue on from Santiago to the Sea. The Tour du Mont Blanc and Italy's Northern Alps offer challenging hiking fueled by local hearty mountain cuisine. Sample Swiss cheese in the Swiss Alps, visit the Cinque Terre and Italian Riviera in Italy, or head down Italy's coastline to the Amalfi Coast and Sicily. Norway, Iceland, and Greenland all beckon to those who love sparse climates, while Provence and the Greek Islands are favorite destinations for those who love fresh food creatively prepared. And finally, Bulgaria offers unbeatable value and an off the beaten track experience.