The Adventuress is a blog for women with adventurous spirits.
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Our Team

Our guides are women who love helping other women reach their goals and have an incredible active travel experience. We strive to create an atmosphere where women feel comfortable being who they are, and where everyone enjoys sharing their similarities and celebrating their differences.

Marian Marbury

Marian Marbury is the founder of Adventures in Good Company and currently lives in Baltimore, MD. Her passion is spending time outdoors and loves sharing this passion with other women. She also loves travel, learning about different cultures, challenging her own assumptions, laughing (especially at herself) and sleeping under the stars. An avid hiker, she was planning to learn whitewater kayaking when she turned 60, but now wonders if it will ever happen.

Anne Flueckiger

Anne lives in Duluth, Minnesota and has guided for AGC since 1999. She was introduced to her favorite outdoor activity, cross-country skiing, while living in Russia after graduate school. Anne enjoys trail running, paddling, biking, and orienteering and is also quite happy to sit around reading a book. In addition to guiding, Anne works as a program evaluation consultant and freelance writer/editor and volunteers with non-profit organizations.

Deb Malmon

Deb has been guiding with Adventures in Good Company since it opened in 1999. She lives in Minneapolis, MN with her husband, son, 2 dogs and a cat. When she isn't out guiding a trip or busy with her family, she can be found baking and cooking (sometimes as her paid job and sometimes just for her own enjoyment), swimming, bicycling, playing Ultimate Frisbee and broomball, cross country skiing and hiking/running. She also loves a challenging crossword puzzle and a competitive game of Scrabble.

Alicia Weaver

Alicia resides in Colorado, where she relishes the opportunity to ride her bike every day! She also enjoys hiking, backpacking, trail running, and snowshoeing, often accompanied by her family and dog (who famously proved that she is truly part border collie when she spontaneously herded 100+ head of cattle in Boulder open space). Alicia has a well-rounded adventure background and a great appreciation for the friendships that can be forged among adventurous women, across different backgrounds and different generations. When she is not guiding, Alicia works in academia as a SAS programmer and data analyst.

Anne Brewer

Anne lives in beautiful Lake Placid, NY located in the Adirondack Park and has been a guide for Adventures in Good Company since 2012. She has guided extensively in the Caribbean but loves the cold north country as well. When not guiding she is busy running her own businesses- she owns and publishes a print and digital magazine that promotes many facets of the Adirondack and also owns Placid Waters, a small kayak guiding business. Her husband, step-daughter and two dogs spend thir free time skiing, hiking, paddling and spending time at their family cottage.

Brenda Porter

Brenda is a passionate world traveler. Just out of high school she traveled to India on a Girl Scout exchange and fell in love with experiencing other cultures. She worked with women’s groups and lived in rural Honduras as a Peace Corps Volunteer where she learned Spanish. She is one of AGC’s most experienced guides and has led trips across the world from Everest Base Camp, to Kilimanjaro and Machu Picchu. She is an avid backpacker, yoga instructor, and watercolor artist. Her secret goal is catching moments to sketch on trips (and encouraging others to do the same) forging connections with nature. Brenda lives with her wife and Kali, the golden retriever, in a co-housing community in Colorado.

Carrie White

Carrie has lived in Saranac Lake, NY in the Adirondack Mountains for 34 years. Her first guiding experience was when she was 20, a job that entailed taking US students to the USSR and Siberia. Her love of the outdoors comes from her parents. They taught her many outdoors skills and showed her how to hike, ski, row, sail and fish from an early age; in fact,the first peak she climbed was Camels Hump in Vermont at the age of 6! These days she is an avid downhill, cross-country and backcountry skier and is a licensed guide for whitewater rafting, hiking, camping and paddling.

Claire Lukas

Claire is a long-time lover of nature, fitness and all things outdoors. She first attended an AGC backpacking trip as a participant in 2014, and later joined as a guide! Guiding came as a second career for Claire after she retired from her role as a public school art teacher. Having always drawn inspiration from nature in her personal artwork, Claire’s creativity shines through in her guiding. Claire lives with her husband Emil in Stockertown, PA where they raised their three children. When not guiding, she spends the winter months as a visiting Artist in Residence, sharing the connection of art and nature with local students. She also instructs kayak and stand-up paddle board. Claire enjoys spending time with family and friends, cooking, gardening, biking, hiking, camping and travel.

Debra Huntington

Debra is a native New Englander and is currently living in Rhode Island. As part of a military family she has lived in a number of places around the world, including Italy and Cuba. When she is not guiding she is working in our office as a Program Manager. She loves to hike, kayak, bike, snowshoe, dog walk and sail. She especially loves sharing these experiences with others.

Gina Bevino

When Gina retired after 27 years in law enforcement she knew she was ready to pursue a new challenge but wasn’t quite sure what it would be. Her love of hiking and the outdoors led her to Adventures In Good Company and it was a perfect fit! Gina’s other passions include tennis, biking, reading, baking and more tennis! She lives in Pensacola, FL with her husband Lee and their two rescue mutts, Zippy and Lamb Chop.

Jan Latham

Jan lives in Western Michigan and is originally from North Carolina where her original love for the outdoors began. Her first career was as a registered nurse, then mother to 5 children. In 2001 she found AGC and has never looked back. Having the opportunity to develop and guide trips for AGC and travel with adventurous women is a ‘dream come true’. Her favorite activity is backpacking the AT and introducing other women to backpacking. If the opportunity to hike anywhere is offered, she’ll be there in a flash! Jan also works in the AGC office as a program manager. Outside of work Jan enjoys cooking, quilting and spending time with family, especially grandchildren.

Karen Katt

Karen came to love the outdoors growing up in the Pacific Northwest. For the past 20+ years she has happily called Michigan home, but “The mountains are calling….”. Karen has been guiding and working in the office at Adventures in Good Company since 2016. She especially loves backpacking and hiking in mountains and canyons - and sharing that love with others. She feels honored to be working and traveling with women in a field that she loves. Outside of work Karen enjoys light carpentry, cooking, and spending time with friends and family.

Kim Moseley

Kim lives in Charlotte, NC. If there’s such a thing as a calling, she’s found hers in being physically active, in nature, interacting with others and sharing her love of hospitality through guiding. In fact, she takes this calling back to her work off the trail as an integrative heath coach and therapist with her company, Healthy Pathways, which she started in 2009. Other loves include running, reading, healthy cooking and traveling with her husband.

Laurie Priest

Laurie is a former college administrator who lives in Amherst, MA with Anne, her long-time partner and Honey, the Mexican street dog she rescued while kayaking in Mexico. Two of the most popular courses she developed while teaching was hiking and dog sledding which fueled her love of sharing outdoor adventures with others. Her favorite activities include hiking, sea kayaking, snow shoeing, biking, swimming and yoga. She joined AGC in 2013 and loves adventure travel and meeting new people.

Leigh Saint

Leigh is a Georgia native and “lives” near the Appalachian Trail (AT) in the North Georgia mountains. Her AT obsession began in college and she was fortunate enough to thru-hike with her husband shortly after college. After a 10 year career as a bioanalytical chemist, Leigh and her husband opened the Hiker Hostel at the southern terminus of the AT to support other hikers fulfill their dreams on the AT. When the hostel sold in 2017, they found themselves (happily) homeless! They currently live in a renovated ambulance and between guiding and directing a few ultra marathons, Leigh enjoys traveling to new places to backpack, hike and cycle roads and trails.

Liz MacNeil

For more than 15 years Liz has been professionally guiding, instructing, and developing trips for various schools and organizations around the world, specializing in Latin America. Originally from North Carolina, Liz calls the mountains of the Sierra Nevada home when she isn't traveling. When not leading trips, she can be found exploring new places and waterways, singing monster rock ballads at karaoke, and breaking taco-eating records in obscure port town. Liz is an ACA Sea Kayak Instructor and Marine Naturalist.

Sarah Reding

Sarah has been passionate about nature all her life! She has been a Naturalist for over 35 years. Being a guide is so much fun because it enables her to introduce and motivate women to learn new skills that get them outdoors. Watching women be transformed by their experiences and the excitement of trying new things, overcoming fears makes her day! Sarah lives in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, along the shores of Lake Huron with her husband, cat and dog. She is also a freelance Naturalist and Science/ Nonprofit consultant. She and her husband have completed two long hikes, 1,000 mile and 500 miles and she likes to ski, SUP board, kayak, hike, backpack, do yoga, read and swim.

Scout Mecklenburg

Scout hails from Seattle, WA and is excited to be one of the newest members of the AGC guide team. She traces her love of the outdoors to an elementary school field trip to a Camp Fire resident camp, but it was a summer spent at Girl Scout camp, in the shadow of the Olympic Mountains, where the hiking and backpacking spark was lit. Scout later honed her skills with the Seattle Mountaineers and has summited all the major volcanoes in Washington State. Retired from a career in tech, Scout volunteers with Girl Scouts, and spends as much time as possible in mountains around the world downhill and backcountry skiing, hiking, climbing and backpacking.

Sharry Miller

As a lifelong Alaskan, outdoor adventure has always been a part of Sharry’s life. As she gets older she gets more adventurous, not less. Her family (husband Thane and daughter Rowan) routinely kick her out of the house for being too grumpy if she hasn’t been getting her fair share of fresh air and solitude. Her husky mutt, Scout, is her usual companion while hiking, but every once in awhile she appreciates human company, too. Guiding for AGC not only gives her great company for fun adventures but also allows her to share her love of the outdoors with other women. Her goal is to keep inspiring others to push their boundaries for decades more.

Stephanie Lingwood

A Seattle, WA native, Stephanie caught the outdoor leadership bug while leading kayaking and sailing trips for a summer camp. Since then, she’s taught boating and downhill skiing to youth and adults, run science education programs for Girl Scouts of Western Washington, and has been guiding for AGC since 2007. Now a software engineer, she also loves to help career-changing adults get outside of their comfort zones and learn to code. When not dancing, cooking, or playing outside, she can be found puttering in her garden with her wife and two cats.

Tali Hunt

Tali lives near Lexington, Kentucky and has been with AGC since 2014. She loves meeting women from all over who enjoy hiking and exploring. In addition to hiking and backpacking, Tali enjoys kayaking, and cycling. She has hiked the Sheltowee Trace, Kentucky's long trail, and is taking a break from her job as a physician assistant to hike the Appalachian Trail in 2019. She is originally from Utah and loves the desert Southwest as well as the Eastern forests. When not guiding or hiking, she loves to visit her grown children and be with her husband and dogs.